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The business of mountains

People ask me which experiences & learnings made in the mountains are transferable to the business life. We are multifaceted humans. Making a clean cut between our 'professional' and 'personal' life is not only hard but also, in my opinion, counterproductive. Have you considered playing the violin might make you more perseverant? What if the cook in you spills creativity all over? Yes, your children make you more empathetic!

Back to the mountains...

PERSPECTIVE - making decisions, and standing by them, based on calculated risks, skills, given conditions and group dynamics. This routine gives you the ability to spot real problems and ignore ‘noise’, to stay calm, rational and, even if it sounds contradictory, to follow your gut feeling!

MINDFULNESS - here and now, while the world is on pause. No more multitasking (guilty, I must confess!). While other sports give you the time to think, socialize, or even meditate, rock climbing is all about focus, precision and balance. Such a mind game, delicious!

The 3 Ps! PASSION - PATIENCE - PERSEVERANCE. Each of them in the right amount depending on the situation. Mountains teach you to develop all of them - sometimes the hard way! With passion comes perseverance; with experience & responsibility, patience - wait, how do you spell that? :-)

We run/ski/climb mountains to celebrate the gift of nature, challenge ourselves, share the joy, the suffering, and give our best for all those who can’t.

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