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Dolomiti Xtreme Trail (DXT). A loop of 103k +7200m in the Val di Zoldo. Time to take the learnings, the moments, the smiles, the miles.

Urner Haute Route - variante Tiger!

URNER HAUTE ROUTE – nothing exotic for someone like me based in the central swiss alps. A logic high line between Andermatt and Engelberg.

The winter of my dreams (part 3)

With the ‘unofficial’ change of season, come the big dreams too. Dreams of high mountains, of sunsets in a hut, and apre-ski drinks.

The winter of my dreams (part 2)

Part II of the 2021 magnificent backcountry skiing season in the swiss alps. Snow, friends, lowcarb food and normal blood glucose T1D

The winter of my dreams (Part 1)

Backcountry skiing isn’t just a sport but a way of expressing ourselves in nature. It is the incontrollable laugh as the first flakes of...

The winning in failing

Be humble to win & loose. Be flexible to adapt without shame. Be grateful for the learnings.e accountable for your freedom.

Glaciers: classic & new stories

Glaciers are fascinating. It is tempting to call them ‘a frozen world’. However, glaciers are far from being frozen. Constantly evolving,...

The making of a Pyreneean tiger

Everyone has a place where it all started – whatever your ‘ALL’ is. My love for mountains started in the Spanish Pyrenees as a child....

The beauty of the known

My answer to ‘How is the nepali Himalaya like?’ tends to disappoint. It is like a world shifted 2000m upwards. Banana plantations at...

A summer of adventures and sugar

The days or weeks prior to a type 1 diabetes diagnosis look very much alike for most people: extreme thirst, blurry vision, urgent &...

2020 in a run

‘A single mountain range is enough exploration for a lifetime’ Rickey Gates Trips, races, exploration… we all had big plans for 2020....

The business of mountains

People ask me which experiences & learnings made in the mountains are transferable to the business life. We are multifaceted humans....

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