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Ultra Trail Lago d'Orta - validating hypotheses

Was it the body or was it the grit? Was it the fresh legs after a summer without racing or the excitement to finally share trails with like-minded people? I’d say it was all of it. And more. So much more. The only way to objectively compare performances in mountain running is by running the same route twice - and even then conditions might make the comparison useless. Therefore I can’t say Ultra Trail Lago d’Orta was my best 60k ever. But it felt like that. And feelings are v

Hello, Grüezi, Hola, Ciao!

This is it. After months, or even years, thinking about starting a blog... I finally made it happen :-) Hopefully you will enjoy my stories about mountains, adventures on skis and running shoes, a keto lifestyle, the day-to-day management of my type 1 diabetes, and whatever crosses my mind. Little editing. Plenty of raw thoughts. Let's go! #Permanentmovement #newbeginning #mountains #keto #typeonegrit #skyrunning

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